About Us

Belizean Writers Guild is a network of fiction and creative nonfiction writers dedicated to sharing authentic Belizean stories with the world. This website is a window into the activities, events and publications of the Guild’s members.


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Our Story

The Belizean Writers Guild was established in 2014 to significantly increase the number of fiction and creative nonfiction books so that Belizean writers, both at home and abroad, take their rightful place in nation building, and so that the Belizean voice becomes prominent in regional and world literature.     

In 2018, the Belizean Writers Guild moved under the umbrella of the Belize Book Industry Association.

 Objectives of the Belize Book Industry Association (BBIA):

 The Belize Book Industry Association is an organization that represents all the professions and industries related to the book sector such as authors, publishers, book traders, distributors, and librarians. Membership is also open to anyone involved in reading and writing.

 Some of the broad aims of the Book Industry Association are to:

 • Lobby for the adoption of a Book Law embodying all the necessary incentive measures for stakeholders in the book sector;

• Promote local culture and literature through the building of a national as well as an international market for locally published books;

• Recognize that reading and literacy go hand in hand developing a nation’s human resources;

• Expand public awareness that the book industry is unique and multifaceted;

• Strengthen the Belize National Library System’s capacity to serve its public;

• Protect intellectual property and enforce copyrights; and

• Encourage and facilitate the continual training of personnel.

Membership benefits:

• Discounts at selected bookstores throughout Belize;

• Discounts for any activity, such as workshops, organised by BBIA.


The Belizean Writers Guild is also a proud member of the International Authors Forum.